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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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s not unusual. >> the school sent a flier four days after the fact. some parents are more baffled that concern. >> i do not know what it would do with it. still their identity and then what? >> this is the flyer that went home last friday. it invites parents to the school tonight so officials can allay their lingering fears. >> at last check, police say they do not have any suspects. fairfax county police stopped cars this morning trying to find two men at the middle of a brutal murder. gail pennybacker is live with what officers were showing the drivers during rush hour. >> two cards have passed. people slow down and asked if they caught them. that is the type of anxiety in
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this community. police are asking these neighbors for help. >> we are looking for information about the homicide. >> a man was gunned down in centreville won the week ago and police are stopping drivers those driving by in a hunt force close -- hunt for clues. school buses, were the vehicles, commuters, and a party who drives down, and wrote a in the morning would have spotted the m -- could have spotted the man or the truck they were in. >> i think it is a good idea. they are putting this much effort into it. >> two gunmen tried to rob the family in this town. there handyman, jose rosales, try to stop the attack and was shot to death. around the right corner so it is scary.
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>> that truck was seen here but it could be anywhere now. >> anything look familiar? >> people say they will do what they can to help, especially when a man lost his life to help others. >> hopefully they catch him and make an arrest. >> fairfax county police said it will put wanted posters near shopping centers and an attempt to reach out to as many people as possible to see if they can close this case. gail pennybacker, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a gun scare and a stafford county school was on lockdown. police got a report of a man with a gun near park ridge elementary school. when a deputy approached, he became irate and assaulted the deputy. the deputy suffered a broken
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ankle in the fight. the suspect, reginald latson, took off into the woods but k-9 units found him but without a weapon. at prince george's county school but -- school bus driver is in charge bridget was arrested for childhood pathography. the customer at a convenience store found an sd card and took it home. there were several videos of an adult male engaging in explicit sexual activity with a child. parents are looking for a fight after news of more budget cuts. they moved forward with plans to slash another $24 million from an already reduced school budget. parents worry things like buses for special programs or elementary school language programs could be on the chopping block. voicing their concerns tonight even though a decision is weeks away.
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there was a big change at the naval academy today. for 70 years, students celebrate the end of the first year by climbing up an obelisk. this year, because of safety concerns, the monument was not covered in lard. what usually takes hours only took a matter of minutes. the climb may and entirely next year due to safety concerns. the news gets worse for crews tried to stop oil from gushing into the gulf of mexico. at least 6 million gallons of spilled so far. >> the bad news continues. the problems are still adding up. the obama administration did survey the damage today. the oil is piling up. the next attempt to stop the flow will not happen until wednesday at the earliest. what is simply dashing 5,000 feet below the surface is now piling up above. >> you can see this, it is
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almost like peanut butter. >> devastating amounts of crude oil are breeding into marshlands. >> it is already here. this is going to die. this will be dead. >> residents are fed up. >> shame on them. shame on the coast guard, bp, all of them. >> the plant this week was called a top scale. it index might into the blowout on the ocean floor. the hope is that it would seal the well but it is not a sure thing. >> they will be held accountable. we will keep our boots on their neck until the job gets done. >> in the meantime, barriers like this are being put up miles offshore. despite having the best and brightest working on it, nobody knows when it will finally stop. >> there is nobody more devastated by what has happened and nobody wants to shut this
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off more than we do. >> if bp cannot get the job done or is taking too long, then what? can the government stepped in and take over? -- stepped in and take over? >> some encouraging news tonight for our area. the university of maryland researcher says that barring any strong storms, mid atlantic beaches should be safe from that oil spill. there were fears that that oil could be moved all the way up to the east coast. warnings for summer travelers. your vacation could cost you hundreds of dollars more this year. julie parker is live at reagan airport. >> we are talking about up to $240 more for a family of four put the entire summer, it seems, is considered by some airlines to be fair game for raising fares.
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like a jet leaving reagan national airport, summer air fares are going up in the course i am not surprised. it seems like they are nickeling and diming us to death. >> this summer surcharge will be slipped into the ticket price of some major airlines. american, continental, delta, united, and u.s. airways will all add between $10.30 dollars for each one-way domestic flight. >> day attack those fees and taxes on. >> they are calling it taxes on peak travel days. only july 4th is not marked for the increase because that is a slow travel day. >> you go to see people in other places. that makes it all the more difficult. >> not everybody sees the airlines as the bad guys but of course the economy the way it
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is, everybody needs to make money. >> they predict this latest fee is something we will soon forget. >> probably the same thing. of course there will start another $30. >> southwest and jet blew air lines will not be implementing -- jetblue air lines will not be implemented dec. surcharge. -- implementing the summer surcharge. julie parker, abc 7 news. >> as you can see, it was good weather there. doug hill has more with what to expect a night. >> blue skies and sunshine. it looks good to me.
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we will continue to see this trend. warm temperatures through the evening. 78 in silver spring and the same in alexandria. 73 in germantown. here is the story overnight. mainly cloudy at times. still some pettifog possible. improving weather conditions just around the corner. that is minutes away. coming up, you will want to take a close look at your credit card bill tonight. >> jesse james tries to explain what he would cheat on his wife. >> the final three "dancing with the stars" are getting ready. >> a member of the british royal family takes a bribe in exchange for ac
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it is a royal mess for the british family. >> sarah ferguson is on tape caught taking a bribe. >> she did not know she was being secretly videotaped. in a statement made yesterday,
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she professed her deep regret over the situation saying that she had committed as serious -- a serious lapse of a judgment. thinking she is pocketing a pile of cash, the duchess of york appears stressed but her troubles were just beginning. the tabloid set her up sending a reporter posing as a businessman to secretly tape her. sarah ferguson sealed the deal herself. >> 500,000 pounds. open book. >> her actions were not a little bit disappointing to many. she pedaled access to her ex- husband, prince andrew. [inaudible]
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>> the couple divorced in 1996. she says her settlement was stingy. she has met her own way working for weight watchers and publishing several best sellers. apparently not enough to pay the bills. in the video, she says she is not in on the deal. the palace denies any involvement. she may recover but her relationship with the royals, not likely. >> it will be chilly for a bit. i am afraid this will confirm their worst fears. >> after the very public embarrassment, she flew to los angeles to and accept an award for her work with the underprivileged children. she avoided the media and barely referred to the scandal during her speech. jesse james is speaking out in his most extensive interview since his breakup. he says that he is still not sure what made him cheat on his
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wife. he admitted that he had the affair weeks after she won the golden globe and oscar for best actress. >> it is no surprise that my work better when i met you. >> i spent my whole life with the kids and what her trying to protect her. they most her chair has been caused by that person she wanted to -- that wanted to protect her. >> he called the affair and attempt to self-sabotage his life. she has filed for divorce. the interview will air tomorrow. lindsay low and has lost a bid to ease restrictions on alcohol and drug testing. she asked to modify the plan to attach an up home monitoring president -- bracelet to her ankle. she was the former -- she was filming a movie in texas.
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the husband of brittany murphy has died suddenly. simon monjack was found dead last night at the home he shared with betty murphy. britain murphy died just five months ago from ammonia -- from several illnesses. the debt is said to be natural causes. severe storms spawned more severe storms in the midwest over the weekend. they came with quarter-sized hail and 50 mile per hour winds. there was more severe weather -- there is more severe weather that could hit the area, including flash flooding. >> comparatively, we have it pretty easy here. just a few sprinkles. we will get pretty hot here by the end of the week. it will feel like summer. a look up at the rooftop.
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this does look like this over a large portion of the viewing area. the clouds will bring moisture from north east and a couple of sprinkles are not out of the question. check out some of those numbers. 74 in until late. 80 in purcellville. some people got a lot of rain over the weekend. over 4 inches in chantilly. 76 reported in fairfax. temperatures all across the area continue in the mid-70's. through the evening hours, temperatures will drop but only into about the '60s -- 60's tonight. there may be some areas of fog we have to deal with overnight.
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70's pretty much across the board put the war and just back to the west. 89 in dallas. chicago is at 90. the warm air is headed this way. the upper 80's by wednesday and thursday. increasing temperatures and increasing moisture, the better chance of isolated thunderstorms. it cold front will come through at the end of the week that may cause more showers and storms. there is an area that we will monitor for later in the week. it is like i hybrid. partly tropical and are in trouble. it conforms unplowed comer -- it can form some cloud cover. high pressure is the story tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 70's with a fair amount of sunshine. wednesday and thursday, we will
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see the return flow of the very warm and humid air. feeling and looking look very much like summer. partly sunny to the upper 70's during the afternoon. the next seven days, isolated thunderstorms. hot and humid air through wednesday and thursday. friday, it better chance of storms. right now, so many things can change, but at that moment, it looks pretty decent with partly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper seven the's. i would not take that to the bank by a long shot. now is the time that oprah winfrey fans have been waiting for. it is just the push of the button. we will prevail the appliance to the way winner. you have just one day ge front
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(carmax spokesperson) now more than ever, carmax is the smart choice because carmax will buy your car even if you don't buy one of ours. ♪ dramatic music "dancing with the stars" fans want to know who's going to win. " the finale begins tonight. cynne simpson is live with a behind-the-scenes look at the competition. it looks like you could take to the dance floor right now. >> i have been getting an exclusive, behind the scenes look. i want to show you my bracelet. these are some of the bracelets that the dancers actually wear. just a piece of what is to come later. we are backstage. you can see the crew is here and some of the dancers have been
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coming by. they will be their energy for this final performance. this is a chandelier that is going to be a part of the set. we are down to the final three. they shaked their way to evade finals. tonight, it is dance or die. the dancers have wowed the judges week after week. there is no doubt that the olympic figure skater has smooth moves on the ice and the hardwood. fans are expecting get another flawless performance. he and his partner are preparing to showcase a waltz for their final dance.
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>> aaron andrews has impressed fans and the judges with her growth throughout the season. she is practicing a succeed some bout with her partner. all three couples are trying to be competing until they drop. >> it is going to be exciting. all of that is happening on the other side of this door. it is going to get started and we will be here to see everything that goes down. we will give you a live report of what happens behind the scenes at 11:00. cynne simpson, abc 7 news. >> have fun. did not forget, the remaining celebrities at the for tonight at 8:00. that is followed by the premier of "the bachelorette."
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>> after that, go to and vote as to who you think should win. coming up, went to save $500 an hour? we show you how. >> a warning for restaurant goers. something unexpected issue not on credit card bills. >> somebody got a hold of a password and stole fifth and hundred stevie wonder tickets for a concert.
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captioned by the national captioning institute district teachers were promised tickets to is the wonder performance at the verizon center. but when the teachers went to access this tickets, they found those tickets were gone. >> the seats were reserved in a block online through ticketmaster. according to sources at the verizon center, somebody connected to the school system, got a hold of the password, and stole the tickets. some were planning on watching the concert and well brought -- and will probably not be going. they say the wizards basketball team as other people arranged
5:30 pm
for a free concert for city employees. they used ticketmaster to distribute the tickets to police, firemen, and schools. they got a password to access their tickets online. d.c. public schools received 1500 tickets but somebody got the password and an individual or individuals falsely claimed the vast majority of the tickets distribute them to teachers. teachers were outraged but not surprised. >> there is already somebody doing something wrong. >> they take advantage of those who try to be honest. >> the staff and d.c. public schools declined to be interviewed on camera. it points out how vulnerable institutions can be. >> if you have a password and somebody did that, they would
5:31 pm
use it. >> to help the teachers, the verizon center has decided to distribute to them 600 paper tickets to replace the 1500 that were stolen. much fewer people will get to go to the concert. a source says the police will not investigate because there were free tickets. as to whether these users of stolen tickets will be able to get in, the source said probably yes. >> thank you. a special honor for yeardley love at the university of virginia's graduation ceremony. the school held a moment of silence for her and three other members of the class of 2010 who died before graduation. she was awarded a posthumous
5:32 pm
that should agree. she was found beaten to death earlier this month. her ex-boyfriend has been charged with her murder. testimony continues in the conspiracy trial in connection with a d.c. attorney. his housemates were charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and evidence tampering after his body was found in their to sponsor will grow house. a sergeant told the court that he thought they were acting suspiciously on the night of the murder. a warning for anybody who paid a popular this restaurant but you may want to double check your bill. workers are accused of stealing credit card numbers from customers. >> it went on here for months before they were able to catch wind of the scam. if they say the waiters involved in this for part of an organized ring.
5:33 pm
>> who will you trust? >> a lot of people are thinking that after eating at the cheesecake factory on wisconsin avenue. a former employee was allegedly involved in stealing customer's credit card numbers. this woman says she had her card number stolen after eating at another restaurant. >> people are people. it can happen anywhere. >> what happened here of -- apparently went on for months. police say that she was paid by the ring to use a machine to ask -- to skin credit card numbers of customers she served. she eventually recruited two other waiters. police estimate that the criminals ran up more than $100,000 on the customer's credit cards. >> you are thinking that it is
5:34 pm
safe and you find out on the road that it is not. >> we caught up with one woman as she left the restaurant. she says she will not stop eating here even though her family has also been victimized. >> it takes a long time to get your credit worked out. is it going to stop me? there is so much that goes wrong with this world. >> we spoke to the corporate offices earlier this morning. the apologize to all the customers and added the individuals in question are no longer employed with the company. >> horace holmes, abc 7 news. the university of maryland is shutting down part of a major campus road. there temporarily closing campus drive as part of a pilot idea to create a pedestrian-friendly
5:35 pm
campus center. it will be closed from mid june to mid august. if it is successful, it may be expanded. time for a check on the traffic situation. >> let's take a look at what is going on. this is the george washington parkway. the big problem is over here to i merrilln and on the river road. you are seeing extremely slow traffic because of a disabled vehicle that was near tysons corner but has been moved to the shoulder. they are not moving. take a look at virginia. there was an earlier incident on the springfield interchange. you can see the remnants of that. that is what you see such a huge break on 95 southbound. my suggestion, get on after this point. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, via agra is not just
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for men anymore. and to arouse a drug for women. >> are you lost? you are not alone. >> their mothers had to come home without them but the three american hikers detained in iran have good news to share.
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"lost" and its long investors run last night. with the debate over what really happened lives on. kris van cleave is here with what fans are saying. >> i am trying to stay out of this. i am several episodes behind and i am trying not to become my own spoor alert. that is not easy considering everybody is talking about last night's show. >> i did not know what just happened up here. >> did the finality leave you a little lost? you are not alone. lost searches are among the top google searches. people are looking for answers after one of the most anticipated season finales and years. >> everybody is talking about
5:40 pm
it. it had this poetic ending. i thought it was great. >> did it answer your questions? >> no. none of them. >> i have questions but it was awesome. >> have you had a hard time focusing on board? >> yes. that is really sad but it was a good moment. >> abc says 25 million people watched at least part of the finale. >> i was more excited about the party then my 30th birthday. >> even cast members are waiting in. >> i am a fan. what i am going to do is go back to susan one. knowing what i know now, i need to look at it again. >> i am guessing you dvr'ed it.
5:41 pm
>> i have had to hide from facebook because i am a couple episode behind. it makes my job sort of difficult to get through the day. >> here is the riddle. many questions and theories on what it meant. >> figure it out and let us know. coming up, a warning from doctors how simple spider bite caused a woman her breast. >> if the mill version of viagra. >> if the mill version of viagra. -- car owner: yeah, here she is. friend: it's uh . . . great. car owner: thanks. friend: yeah. car owner: doors would have been nice. friend: yeah. car owner: they weren't in my budget. friend: no biggie. car owner: hey, you want to hop in, go for a ride? friend: oh! be easy, right? car owner: yeah! carmax spokesperson: settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you would spend on a stripped down new car,
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information for >in the bedroom when the courts of the government could be considering approving a viagra-like drug for females. >> it is not a sexy name but it is designed to put sex back on the brain for women with low libido. the fda advisory committee meets to decide whether to give it a
5:45 pm
green light next week. unlike viagra, for women, it is about the brain. >> viagra works at the performance level of such quality. this drug works at the desired level of sexuality. a step before performance. >> the drug decreases severed tendon in the brain while increasing dopamine. -- serotonin in the brain while increasing dopamine. >> women reported the number of sexually satisfying experiences went from 2.7 per month on average without the drug to 4.5 per month with the drug. even with the placebo, the women saw an increase having 3.7 sexually satisfying experiences per month. one physician welcomes the new treatment for women with low libido. he cautions that women with low
5:46 pm
sex drive should try to pinpoint the cause since it could be a sign of other issues from diabetes to depression. >> some people may have problems with alcoholism, diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, menopause. >> what took so long? >> there are probably more men with problems. that is probably what it came faster for men than women. >> so to speak? [laughter] argue the showe increase is not enough to justify the drug but others argue that any improvement is helpful. a warning about a possible link to sugary drinks and blood pressure. researchers studied more than 800 adults and gave them less than one serving of sweetened drinks every day for 18 months
5:47 pm
but by the end of that period, blood pressure levels were down significantly. part of that was and should be added to weight loss. swimming lessons for young children might be a good idea for children after all. the american academy of pediatrics says it is fine to allow children as young as 1 years old in trimming lessons. in the past, doctors groups have said that lessons could give parents a false sense of security. a georgia woman had to have a major surgery after a brown recluse spider bite. she noticed a lump under breast after the bite and by aggressively began to feel worse. she woke up one week letter -- later after an 11 day, and where she had an emergency mastectomy. the breast muscle had to be removed. doctors say she waited too long to go to the hospital. people out running and
5:48 pm
biking. the washington metropolitan area is now ranked number 1 on the american college of sports medicine on the fitness index. this was the third year in the road that this was marked as the fittest. the baltimore area came in at 20. >> not too shabby. gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> as the oil continues to washed ashore, people are wondering if bp is doing enough to stop the spill. as the frustration continues to mount, can anybody step in and deal with this thing? we will see you at 6:00. our weather turned beautiful today. >> temperatures are going to get even warmer today -- soon.
5:49 pm
some more sunshine and thunderstorms by mid-week. outside of the studios in arlington, here is a look at what is happening. it has been a cloudy day and these guys changed a bit during the afternoon. around 3:00 we noticed a difference. back-and-forth with the clouds. changeable skies but no rain expected. maybe a sprinkle north of town. a high of 78 in mclean. annapolis is at 73. bowling green at 75. here is the story for tomorrow. high pressure in control. maybe a bit of morning fog which should burn off with highs in the upper 70's. the pattern shows of warmer air to our north and west. they topped 90 in portions of
5:50 pm
michigan. that will move in here on wednesday and thursday increasing humidity and we may find us jobs with scattered thunderstorms. a much better chance of showers as we head through friday. our expressed through the day, some fog becoming partly sunny. looking ahead, upper 80's for wednesday, thursday, friday. isolated thunderstorms on wednesday and thursday. at better chance for widespread storms on friday. right now, the holiday weekend looks dry and partly sunny but we have seen it happen again and again, early in the week it could be great but something happens and it falls apart. put that in the back of your mind. back to you. here is something else you will see again and again, they strausberg watch. >> he will make his fourth start for aaa syracuse tonight.
5:51 pm
he is scheduled for five starts before he comes up to the big show. he has been even better in aaa then in harrisburg. the 21-year-old has struck out 22 batters in 18 innings. he has given up only four hits and has allowed no runs. syracuse has won six of the last seven. the game starts at 7:00 against toledo. from successful athlete to real- life heroes. she says she was motivated and inspired by soldiers who are staying the course. >> when he got out of the army in 2005, it took him a while to adjust to the swing of things. >> there is no other job quite like that. >> he injured his leg in the line of duty. he turned to golf is a way to cope. >> anytime you can go out and do something you thought you could not do before, that extra boost is great. >> he played in the third annual
5:52 pm
paralyzed veterans of american open in alexandria. he joined some former professional athletes and other servicemen and women who teed off to raise money for veterans. >> we want to help them before they get depressed and give up hope. >> it is not just for new veterans. even though he is wheelchair- bound, he competes with the best of them. >> i swing one-handed. i can drop the ball about 140 off the tee. that is such motivation to see them not giving up. coming up, cutting back may be easier than you think.
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saving money does not have to be hard. >> not at all. you could save $500.10 hour by making just a few simple cuts. we asked a counselor to show was held. >> to send him to college, this family knows they have to start saving now. >> we have a house, a car, a baby. >> their budget leaves enough room to breathe but there are still ways to cut it back. with the clock ticking on a one of rhythm it, she starts with the cell phone. >> he is not using his cell for -- cell phone any more. he is using his work number. we have an extra phone lying around they saved $55 and another $40 if it cut out their land line. they could save $260 each month
5:57 pm
by taking the matter more often. with 30 minutes to go, they admit they are not the most thrifty shoppers. >> their monthly grocery bill is $500 to $900. >> there might be a lot of pressure doe -- of ham. >> they found surprise savings in their gas utility built the course you only used $40 last month. >> by switching from average billing, they saved more money. >> families need to make sure their budget plan is meeting their needs. their usage is keeping up with the average costs. >> in the next few months, there will pay off student loans and by standing on a few nonessential items for the baby,
5:58 pm
they saved another $50. the total savings, $500 to put toward their future and the kids. >> how did you make this work for you? you have to write down everything and keep track of exactly what you are spending. with that written record, you can figure out exactly where to trim. for more, log on to >> there you go. that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. at 6:00, frustration and fear along the gulf coast calls for a new plan. bp defense its actions. >> they are nickeling and diming us to death. quite some major changes to the traditional climb at the naval academy.
5:59 pm
as millions of gallons of oil spread along the gulf coast, so does confusion and frustration. >> bp says they're doing everything they can but they have been unsuccessful. there are calls for somebody else to step in, but who? >> scott thuman is live with the latest. " that is the big question. it seems there has been a bit of confusion at the top. can salazar said that if bp cannot deliver, the government would push them out of the way. not so, it seems. this job is for bp to handle and the frustration is reaching new heights. it is the grand daily assessment of any louisiana worcester farmer. >> we came here yesterday and there was no oil. we can this morning and this is what you see. >> time is not nobody's side. with bp unable to stop the leak


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